2018 in Goals + 2017 Recap

Happy 2018 guys!


And that was how 2017 came and went with its own share of ups and downs. Last year, I barely blogged and only started to gain traction in the blogging world when I started to concentrate more on writing and promoting the blog almost at the end of the year. Last year was the year I took my blog to the next level also.

In 2016, I moved from blogspot.com to wordpress.com but I wasn’t still satisfied and I wanted my own domain so I took that leap from wordpress.com to .com. I also bought hosting, my current blog theme, and a camera for pictures.  It was also the year I won my first blog award  too.

I kind of see every new year as a fresh start so I’m sort of starting this blogging thing all over again and I hope to make this year my very best blogging year so far.

2018 Goals + 2017 Recap- sheisnaturallybronze

In Life

Eat healthier and on time. I really want to cut down on Junk – Pizza especially, eat more healthier foods and try not to skip my breakfast as much as possible.

Pray more. You know, communicate with God more and follow His leading. Be more disciplined. Be more content with the was place i’m in.

Travel to at least one country. I will even be more grateful if was a sponsored trip. I really don’t think i’m reaching for the stars. Am I?

Make better life decisions. I cannot be the only one that feels this way, can I? Sometimes I get all emotional and make decisions with my heart instead of my head. I find that it tends to leads me astray. 

2018 goals + recap of 2017 - sheisnaturallybronze

For the Blog…

Plan my blogging and journal as much as possible. It took me a while to realize I actually work better when I have my plans written down but now that I’m here, implementing that aggressively. I’ll be writing a single bit of detail I need to make my blogging better this year.

Publish 3 posts weekly, with this being the second post of the week. I look forward to achieving this and publishing more interesting content consistently.

Take better blog photographs and for me that really translates to investing in all the tools I need to get better photos. I hope to buy a tripod and by the time this post is up, I have my Iphone back and a new camera lens for my Sony a5000.

Work with a photographer. Yes, I’m hoping to spice up my IG Feed with some OOTD every once in a while. Nothing too serious. Something to just entertain you. Probably once a week or every other week.

Collaborate with more bloggers and more brands. Truth is, I really tend to be a loner on this blogging journey but this year I hope to make more blogger friends, be more outgoing and attract more brand sponsorship. I was able to collaborate with a brand last year and for me it wasn’t a bad start being that I only started blogging seriously in September.2018 goals + a recap of 2017

I’m excited about this year honestly and all I have planned to achieve. Cheers to a wonderful blogging year!!!!

What plans do you have for your 2018?


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  1. Go get it boo! It’s your time.


  2. Awwwww. 2018 looking peng already.

    Go Ife Go Ife Go!!!!!!!!


  3. Asakemi says:

    Good luck girl! These are definitely achievable. I gasped when I read 3 posts per week. Lol phew lawd! It’s defintelt doable! Excited to see more of your contents in 2018!
    If you ever want to collab, holla 🙂

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Thank you dear. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m thinking maybe 3 posts a week was a little too ambitious. I will definitely collaborate with you soon ❤️

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