3 reasons you should fall in love with Pinterest

3 reasons you should fall in love with Pinterest

I won’t lie, I initially had a hard time mastering Pinterest. It was that one social media platform that gave me a headache and I kept putting off how to learn it because I felt it was so hard. Weirdly, I didn’t read manuals or posts that taught me how to use it. I just naturally learnt how to work the app the way I do with other platforms after speaking to one of my blogger friends, Asakemi. Before I knew it, I got a hang of it and now, I absolutely love it. I been busy curating a beautiful feed and discovering interesting pins. I don’t consider my self a pro yet but here are some of the reasons why I think you would love this app.

  1. It can help drive amazing traffic to your blog: Hmm, If you struggle with this one, open a Pinterest account or even go back and utilize your old one immediately. I’ve had chats with bloggers and even been in blogger groups where they mentioned that the greatest source of traffic on their site isPinterest. They mentioned getting 10,000 to 100,000 views monthly and that was exactly when I knew I had to learn how to use it. Joining popular group boards and pinning daily will sky rocket those stats considerably.
  2. It fuels your creativity: I have been pinning like crazy lately and I’m thrilled by what I come across on my feed. I love product photography and for every time I’ve been low on my creative juices, it shot back up to 100% after scrolling through my feed. Initially when you join, Pinterest gives you a list of topics to choose from and show you content related to it. You can then discover many other pins as you follow others’ group boards that interest you.
  3. You can score brand collaborations; If Instagram is giving you a hard time like it is to us all anyway, there are brands on Pinterest and I believe they are open to working with bloggers as well. And the best part is, your followers don’t even matter! So I’d advise you begin to curate a lovely feed immediately.

What are some of the reasons you love Pinterest?


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