4 Essential oils to treat your acne & oily skin

This season, I’ve been looking to using oils to keep my skin soft, supple and properly moisturized, and have even been leaning towards using anti-bacterial essential oils to keep me free from acne and irritation. Using topical acne medications can be really drying to the skin I know, and this season is definitely the time to switch up your Benzoyl Peroxide treatments for essential oils which are less drying and more hydrating to treat your acne. Here are 4 essential oils to treat your acne and oily skin.

4 Essential oils to treat your acne & oily skin

1.| Tea Tree Oil: This was the very first essential oil I used on my skin and I remember it breaking me out when I first started. Right now, i’m in love with it. Tea tree oil is my go-to for spot treating my acne. Its natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is the perfect combination for treating my acne flareups. I usually put a drop or two on a q-tip and place them on my breakout.

2.| Lavender Oil This oil is very similar to tea tree oil and I kind of consider it a dupe to tea tree oil if your looking for something milder but yet effective. It also has anti-bacterial properties which help soothe the skin.  If you love oils, you can definitely incorporate this into your beauty routine to keep your acne at bay.

3.| Rosemary Oil  This oil was the latest addition to my collection of oils and it fast became my favorite oil. It’s an anti-inflammatory oil that reduces acne inflammation instantly by half. It has even helped me achieve smoother and calmer skin. I also find that this oil is a dry oil so it doesn’t make me oily when I use it to spot treat or otherwise. Most of all, I love its fresh, herbal scent!

4.| Peppermint Oil. Probably an alternative to the Rosemary essential oil. It’s a calming, soothing essential oil that has anti-inflammatory properties also and can be used to spot treat acne. I also love this oil for its natural source of  “menthol’ which cools and revive dull, tired skin and also helps to control oil on oily skin.

*Because of the concentration of these oils, please make sure they are properly diluted to prevent skin burns. I always mix my oils except i want to spot treat with them.

4 Essential oils for your oily and acne prone skin

What are your favorite essential oils to try?


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  1. TagBand UK says:

    Essential oils works as an effective remedy to get rid of many skin problems. Tea tree oils and lavender oil are the best solution for acne. It helps to a degree. It does not seem to be absorbed by skin, but instead lays on the surface. Thanks.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Nice one,how do you dilute them ,please share

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      I Usually use dilute them in the ratio 3 to 1. 3 drops of carrier oil to 1 drop of essential oil. This is also because my skin can handle essential oils basically. If you are just starting out using essential oils, or you have sensitive skin, try starting with the ratio 5:1.

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