5 & 1 vampy lipsticks to totally try out – Swatches

On a beautiful day, you’ll catch me on a nude lipstick or on something dark depending on how I want to look or what my day is planned to be. I find that I’m that type of girl who finds it easy to stay on either extremes of everything. Well, I’ve been trying to balance that out though. Apart from the fact that I tend to stay on extremes, I have found berries and plums to flatter my skin tone a lot so I gravitate towards them more often than not. I have been able to get my hands on a some burgundy / plum lipsticks which I feel are worth trying out if you are my skin tone or even otherwise!

House of Tara’s Tejuosho was the first darker lipstick I ever bought (yeah, I’ve been repping Nigerian brands since way back) and loved. In fact, this brand was my introduction to the exciting world of makeup. I had earlier purchased a red and a nude lipsticks from them and at that point I was willing to explore darker lip shades. I was delighted to know they had a darker lipstick and I purchased swiftly. 😂 It was actually a real hassle to find this lipshade as it was scarce online. It’s a gorgeous plum, sheen lipstick that comes in a sleek metallic tube. It’s the darkest lip color own.

I first discovered NYX soft matte lip cream lipstickin Transylvania and after going through their collection of other shades when I wanted to repurchase it (as my friend equally loved the color and took it from me), I knew I had to buy it in Copenhagen. They are both darker lip colors but Transylvania is darker.

I don’t know which I like better as both really suit me well when I use Nightmoth lip liner from MAC to outline my lips. Although i’d say I tend to reach more for Copenhagen as it gives me a sharper and more pronounced ombre effect with Nightmoth. These lipsticks are also my favorites among my plum lipsticks as their soft matte formula isn’t overly drying when you apply them to your lips and they dry down to a very beautiful powdery finish. I don’t know of any other lipstick that does that! You’ll find me reach for this soft matte lipsticks 7 out 10 times. I was drawn to the Milani Amore matte lip creme in Magnetic the period metallic liquid lipsticks came back in vogue and everyone seemed to be rocking them. I really like it a lot because of the metallic feel to it and I think that’s quite edgy. It’s not outright metallic but if you take a closer look at it, you’d see hints of shimmer in it. It dries down to a beautiful matte finish as well.After seeing swatches of MAC’s Diva and Media on Yewande Thrope of she loves the finer things and because at that time I could only purchase one (I mean MAC lipsticks are not cheap) I only got Diva. This one is a reddish-burgundy lipstick and I wear it on days I feel like I’ve not rocked it enough. It’s said to be matte but it’s not completely matte in my opinion. It has a bit of sheen to it. I purchased this beyond beauty liquid lipstick in 42 after I saw it on Tosin Alabi of Africanism cosmopolitanism rock this lipstick on Instagram. In fact, after seeing the way it looked beautiful on her lips, I knew I had to have it. It’s a reddish brownish lipstick that dries down to a beautiful finish as well. Here are swatches of them all.So, what are your favorite vampy lipsticks to use?

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