An Acne girls guide to wearing makeup

Most believe that once you are acne prone, it’s best to stay away from make-up which is neither true nor right. What having acne simply means is, you have to be quite selective with the kind of makeup you wear. Makeup enhances your facial features, so why not? Because our skin is sensitive, there are dos and don’ts with regards to finding and wearing make-up on your skin.

1. First things first, treat your acne. Don’t skip over it and pretend like it’s not there. Treat acne from inside and outside. Use cleaners, washes, exfoliating products, blackhead removers or even get a spa treatment. Have a regular cleansing routine and try to keep it. Consistency goes a long way. I can testify! Do as much as you can to improve your breakouts. If so bad, see a dermatologist. Study what kinds of food breaks you out and avoid it or eat in less quantity. Eat fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water. Incorporating a blood purifier in your diet may also help. Stay away from fizzy / carbonated drinks & sugar. Cleansers help clean your skin from all the sweat, dirt and build-ups that have accumulated through the course of your daily activities. Because some type of acne is caused by dirt, oil and bacteria trapped in the skin, most people think that using cleansers that leave your face dry is the way to go. However, drying out your skin only forces your skin glands to work overtime producing excess sebum and the oil leads to only more break out. Products like simple  help clean your skin without completely drying it out. Acne caused by hormonal imbalance can be regulated by taking supplements such as fish oil supplements and other health vitamins.

I will write another post explaining my daily cleansing regimen and why I use these products.

2. Wear non-comedogenic makeup products. From your concealer to your foundation to your powder to your bronzer to your blush! They are usually water-based with little or no oil in their composition as opposed to oil-based products. They also help to minimize the frequency of your breakouts. Matte concealers, foundations and powders are usually the best types for acne prone skin. Thankfully, many beauty products are beginning to see the light and include these type in their product range. For a start, I went for the MAC Pro longwear waterproof nourishing foundation and I must confess, it has been treating me well. I also use the Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder along with it. Both are matte and are good for acne prone skin. What’s even better is that my foundation has skin reparative ingredients. I almost leaped for joy after watching this in a review. I bought a win-win!!

3. Keep it clean & hands off. NEVER go to bed with your make up on. Cleanse your face every night even if you didn’t wear makeup through the day. Keep your sheets clean as much as possible. I suggest you change them every 2 weeks or even 1. Keep your hands away from your face and touching your pimples. You’ll find that as one day rolls into the other, you’ll have beautiful skin and less often breakouts and you’ll be able to maintain your skin even as you look gorgeous in your makeup.

Any other thing you’d add in your routine? I’d love to know!



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