My go-to, everyday lip kits

I seem to be writing more on lipstick than any other makeup item and this is probably because I own quite a lot and also because I feel lipsticks are that one essential makeup item you can’t afford to not wear daily. When I wear my lipstick and do my brows and eyeliner, I’m pretty much ready to rock the day.

I’ve over time evolved to being a nude – sort of minimal – lipstick kind of girl because I feel nudes just look better on my skin and don’t draw so much attention to you as bolder colours would do while still making you look presentable and appealing. I only always have nude lipsticks in my makeup purse and today, I’d love to share some lipsticks I rock on a regular.

Matte lippies

Taupe | MAC: I love this one a lot. It’s my go-to 90% of the time. I was actually convinced to buy this lipstick and I don’t regret it. I reach for it because not only does it look beautiful on my skin, it’s an effortless lipstick to wear. It’s matte and very pigmented. It suites dark skin women like me so well because it’s a darker kind of nude. Pair this lippie with Mac’s chestnut lip pencil or any other dark brown creamy pencil and you’re good to go!

Emotion | Milani: It’s a lovely reddish brown lipstick to wear. It’s a lippie that doesn’t require using a lip pencil as it already gives a beautiful contrast on my skin. It’s really matte but runs liquid in the tube. The days I need more colour but I want to still be minimally done, I reach for this lippie.

Limbo| Colourpop : This lipstick is a true brown lipstick for that kind of day you want to look super minimal or want to wear a very dramatic eye look to complement your nude lips. It’s slightly darker than my skin tone and perfect also for any skin tone.

Honey – Milani: It’s a very pale nude lipstick that dries down to a very matte finish. You’d actually need to moisturize your lips first before you wear this lippie if not, your lips will end up looking super patchy. Did I mention that Milani lipsticks smell like candy? Yep! That’s right. They smell very lovely.

Satin / Lustre lippies

Spirit | MAC: It’s a pinky-nude luster lippie. It has a sheer formula which is buildable and not as pigmented as MAC’s satin lipsticks. I usually wear this with a brown lip pencil.

Jubilee | MAC: Jubilee is very similar to Spirit in color but has more pigment in it and you also definitely need to rock this one with a lip pencil if you don’t want to look crazy. As dark skin ladies, we can’t just use light nude lippie colors. we have to line them with lip pencils as you end up looking better that way. I use either Mac’s chestnut or this Nabi Lip pencil in expresso I own.


Cashmere Rose & Pink shock | Maybelline NY Colorsensational shine gloss: The days I’m too tired to do anything to my face  and i need to look somewhat presentable, I reach for these glosses. They both have a bit of color and shimmer in them and I prefer to use pink shock as It looks better and less opaque on my lips than Cashmere rose. 

What are your favorite everyday lippies?

Would love to hear from you.

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