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Hey guys!

How are y’all doing?!

This is different from the usual, but I thought ‘why not?!” I’ve been thinking about writing about my life lately and finally I’ve put some action behind my thoughts.So here we are..

Okay so, about skincare… this is the calmest and best my skin has been in a long while. I don’t know if this is because I decided to cut down on junk generally and only eat them especially pizza once a month or because I’ve been drinking a lot of water in the past week. Oh well! Whatever it is, I’m definitely grateful! However, I’m seriously struggling with post acne hyper-pigmentation and it’s giving me headache (not literally though!)

life lately hyperpigmentation - sheisnaturallybronze

Yep, I now have a nose ring and I absolutely hate it!!! After learning how to deal with my acne, fading my hyper-pigmentation has to be the hardest and most annoying thing to deal with. These dark marks are seriously annoying me and what’s even more annoying is waiting for 6 months for them to fade completely. I’m currently looking into chemical exfoliation to help me fade out my dark spots faster.

I attended AB and MeeMee‘s ‘meet and greet’ of the KinkandIblog, two weeks ago and I was so impressed with how well it was organised and how relaxing it was. Like everything was perfect from the venue to the ambiance to the sitting area to the food to the goody packs and all. It’s actually the first meet and greet I actually enjoyed and they hosted us so well. It was actually more than a meet and greet for me. It was more like an evening of relaxation. Their pictures were even more popping! Loved the picture of me too. Abe and Mee-mee's Meet and greetEveryone went away with Polaroid postcards which was quite cool and different. They are Natural hair bloggers and If you don’t know them you should check them out!!

I got a new Camera lens and my pictures are currently popping. Yay!!!!

I didn’t like the picture quality of my Sony camera with the kit lens and I considered buying the Canon EOS 750D and a 50mm prime lens. I was so close to ordering it from Amazon. Thank God I thought about changing the lens first. I’m so contented with my picture quality and to think I intended buying a new DSLR camera to replace my Sony a5000 is wild.

Check out more of my pictures Here. In all, I spent less money and I won in life!! Seems like I’m making better life decisions in 2018. 😄

Okay, so my hair has been growing and shinning and I’ve been getting random people come up to me asking me if I attached something else to my hair and where I made it. Of course I told them it was at O’naturals! Needless to say, the texture of my hair has changed. My hair is now so manageable and I’m loving this stage my hair is in. Don’t think I will be relaxing my hair ever. Meanwhile I’ve also been considering dying my hair. Probably when my hair is bra length!Kinky hair - sheisnaturallybronze

What have you been up to lately?

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  1. I should try out O’ natural oo (I’ll be saving from now sha). My hair is suffering from care and love. 😢.

    Beautiful post Ife

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      You should try them. And I think most especially have your own hair care routine. Pamper your hair too!! Thanks for reading. xx

  2. Your camera has me lusting and your lighting seem to be hitting the right spot..tbh!
    Congratulations on finding a way around spending all that buck on a totally diff camera body and lens…wheeeeewwww!
    Pictures are crispier and creative; every bloggers dream!

    Yeah hyperpigmentation is one of the toughest skin issues to deal with.
    I don’t suffer from serious hyperpigmentation but other skincare nerds I follow, swear by the ordinary’s “Azeleic acid”.
    Also coupled with the Radha’s vit c you recently got, you are off to a great start to fading those away.

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Hahaha. Thank you dear. I really need to try out the ordinary skincare. Like everywhere i turn, there’s someone who uses are swears by them. Definitely trying them out soon. Thanks for reading!

  3. Asakemi says:

    I LOve the pic of you from the meet & greet. Acne scars and hyper pigmentation are the worse to get rid of. Have you tried AHAs and BHAs? Those aren’t my next skincare ingredients. Waiting for you order to arrive

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Girl!! Haha. My order will very well arrive soon. Chemical exfoliation usually happens with AHAs and BHAs so Ama be trying some of the ordinary skincare. Thanks for reading ❤️

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