My favorite affordable and high-end moisturizers

Hi guys 🙂,

Looking through my closet, I realize I have 4 moisturizers, both high-end and affordable which I love and which serve different purposes for me at different seasons my skin is in.

1. Simple Kind to skin Hydrating light moisturizerThis is a very affordable moisturizer if you don’t want to go all out for a moisturizer. It’s been a while I bought it and I think it was between 2,000 to 3,000 naira. (The bottle is actually empty)😆. It is a creamy, white, non-greasy moisturizer which contains Pro- Vitamin B5 which actively restores, softens and smoothes, Vitamin E which moisturizes to improve skin condition, glycerin which hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes and Borage Seed Oil which renews and regenerates. The thing I love about the Simple skincare brand is that their products are so good as well as affordable. You can purchase it from Simply Kayo for 3,750 naira.


2. Murad Skin perfecting Lotion: This is one of my high-end moisturizers for night time and I reviewed this product here before. It’s a white, creamy, lightweight moisturizing lotion which has helped in refining, softening and smoothing out my skin texture. It’s actually really creamier than the Simple moisturizer. I use it as a night cream because for me, it has the tendency to make me a bit shiny and I really don’t want to be looking like a grease ball during the day. This product is pricey but it sure works. My skin loves it so much! It’s almost finish and I would most likely stock up on it. It has retinol which helps fight acne so I thought ‘why not? Why not kill 2 birds with a stone?’ 😉. In fact, to be honest, that was the real reason I bought it. The age reform type retails on the Montaigne Place website for about for about 18,250naira. (told you it wasn’t cheap)


3. Sebamed clear face care gel: This was the very first moisturizer that I used that worked for my skin. It’s a clear, lightweight and is a gel consistency as well. It contains both allantoin & aloe barbadensis, 2 ingredients known to calm inflammation and soothes itching skin. l reach for this product when I’m home and I don’t really have anywhere to go and most likely not to perspire. I also reach for this product when my skin feels inflamed (Usually during my period) and I need something really gentle to soothe and calm my skin. I got it from a local pharmacy around my home for about 2,200 naira.


4. Blackup Ultra Mattifying rebalancing fluid: Now this product isn’t cheap at all but it’s my go-to daytime moisturizer and I’m on my second tube. It has really worked to rebalance my oily skin and once I’m going out, I reaching for it. It’s slightly green opaque lotion which a minty smell. As I learnt, this moisturizer takes your skin back to normal if your skin is probably oily or combination hence the term rebalancing in its name. This product can also double as a primer if your skin is normal as it mattifies your skin while also hydrating it. I purchased mine in store from the Montaigne place counter at Ikeja city mall for about 17,800 naira.


So tell me, What are your favorite moisturizers to use?

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  1. Daniel Joe says:

    Please where can I get the sebamed clear face gel

  2. Ntekim daniel says:

    Please where can I get the sebamed clear face gel

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