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I’m really not a fan of oils for obvious reasons and I usually stay away from using them. Recently, I’ve been thinking of adding a few oils to my night time routine for that extra glow you know and to see its effect on my skin. I was delighted when i got to read that MAC cosmetics sold their custom made essential oils and I was even happier to try it out. MAC Prep + Prime blend of essential oils is a product that is part of their popular prep + prime collection.

It’s an oil that was primarily made to moisturize and prep your skin post cleanse just before your makeup I believe or to be mixed in with your favorite foundations, concealers, moisturizers e.t.c. It comes in a 14ML /0.47 FL OZ Tube with a dropper in the cap.  The prep + prime essential oils is infused with 4 botanical oils and comes in 3 scents – the grape seed and chamomile, the sweet orange and lavender and the Yuzu scent. I got the Yuzu scent.

Infused oils / Ingredients. 

Avocado oil, Wheat Oil, Soybean oil and sunflower seed oil


  • Soothes, clarifies and conditions skin
  • Improves radiance
  • Hydrates
  • Non-acnegenic

My Observations

As usual, I’m not disappointed at all. Really, MAC products tends to never disappoint me. You always get value for your money although their products can be quite pricey. The number one thing I was concerned about was if this oil would break me out and I was glad it didn’t. As a matter of fact, true to its claim, it soothes my skin. It’s quite lightweight and also so hydrating like it claims. Almost feels like a blend of oil and water. My skin feels nicely moisturized but doesn’t look or feel greasy. It also doesn’t give me this sticky, gummy feeling most oils tend to give and I was really happy about this.

I think it serves as a good carrier oil to mix with your other concentrated oils and I mix mine at night with tea tree oil to hydrate my skin and also treat my acne. The only thing I haven’t tried doing is mixing this oil in with my foundation / concealer and I hope to try that soon. It is definitely oily-girl friendly and If you have dry skin and you’re looking to rock dewy skin, this oil will also be good.

Okay, so let’s talk about the price. This product retails for 14,000NGN at MAC store at Ikeja city mall in Lagos while it’s $27 on the MAC website. For me, it’s quite pricey for 14ml of liquid you’ll be getting which will most likely finish in a breath if you use it everyday. Lol. However, like i mentioned earlier, you’d be getting value for your money. I actually do not regret buying this oil.

Rating; 4/5

Will I purchase again: Yes

Has anyone tried this essential oils? What are your favorite facial oils to use?

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  1. […] should be up soon anyway. Next, my Oil treatment mixture. I saved my old tea tree bottle to mix my MAC prep + prime essential oils Yuzu and tea tree oil just to treat and moisturize my face. Then I spot treat with tea tree oil. I find […]

  2. Funke says:

    I think I will try this out. My T zone is quite funny; Oily during the day and dry at night. Maybe this will help. Thanks for the review Ife

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