Skincare empties | Loved and Repurchased!

Hey guys…

Yes, I’m back with another video and this time it’s just me just sharing some of the products I recently just finished using. Please watch and leave a comment. It will encourage me a lot. Thank you

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  1. Toju says:

    Yea we do love to, but wanted to ask, what product can I use to stop pimples/ acne and also can I mix alpha arbutin and niacinamide for my hyperpigmentation?

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Yes you can! But please don’t literally mix them. Niacinamide can act as a booster so you can use Niacinamide on your skin first and follow up with Alpha Arbutin!! Thank you for watching Toju ♥️

  2. Yemi Babs says:

    Of course Ife, we do love to see more video from you. Nice one dear sis.

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