What I’ve been up to lately + Attending the Zaron Swatch Party

Hey guys,

Gosh! It’s been quite some time I actually wrote on here. Partly because i didn’t just want to churn out irrelevant and somewhat uninteresting posts and somewhat because I’ve been super occupied with a couple of stuff. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

With regards to skin care…

My skin has been doing real good. A few break outs here and there but nothing out of control per say. I really think I’ve gotten a hang of my skin and i’m really happy about that. What really concerns me now is fading scars.

I’ve been trying out new products lately. Some I purchased out of interest and some sent to me by the BeautyFrenzy Shop. I received the Urban RX cleanser, The ordinary B oil, Simple kind to skin light hydrating moisturizer, Real technique’s cleansing sponge and the Neutrogena hydro boost sheet mask. A lovely selection of products i’ll tell you guys about soon. Urban RX cleanser, The ordinary B oil, Simple kind to skin light hydrating moisturizer, Real technique's cleansing sponge and the Neutrogena hydro boost sheet mask. They happened to send me the Simple moisturizer which I had featured in this post because I loved it. So I was quite happy to receive this again.

I’ve also been trying out sheet masks and to be honest I’ve found the ones I think my skin loves. A k-beauty brand – Beauty kei – reached out to me to try out their masks for my retail store and i just fell in love after trying out both of them. They are unlike anything I’ve ever tried before and they are so good! Emphasis on soooooo! I’ve got oily and acne-prone skin and after trying some that broke me out, I stayed away. The owner encouraged me to try both out and not only did they not clog my pores, they were so refreshing and cooling on the skin! Definitely a win!

On Sunday…

I was invited for a swatch party by Zaron Cosmetics and to be honest, I had so much fun. It’s been a while I went for a beauty event and this was really refreshing to say the least. Zaron just launched 3 new 9-in-1 Eye shadows palettes and they invited us bloggers to come swatch them and basically just play with the products.

The “Earth” palette is a Nude eye shadow palette. Zaron 9-in-1 eyeshadow Palette in Earth Zaron 9-in-1 eyeshadow Palette in earth

The “Splash” palette is a vibrant color palette with bright and bold colors. New Zaron 9-in-1 Palette in SplashNew Zaron 9-in-1 Palette in Splash

The “Smudged” palette is a smokey eye shadow palette.New Zaron 9-in-1 Palette in SmudgedNew Zaron 9-in-1 Palette in SmudgedThey also took us on a tour of their new HQ are their space is just absolutely beautiful!Zaron Head quarters

Zaron Head Quarters

We got goody bags and I was lucky enough to get the Earth and Splash palettes in it. I have swatches of the Earth palette on my Ig Page.

How has your weekend been so far?

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