Skin lovin’: Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner (Review)

Hey guys. How’s the week going? I know it’s quite some time I have posted anything up here. I’ve just been looking to redesign my blog before anything comes up. I’m still in the process and I hope to be done soon. I just decided to give a little peek into what I’ve been about lately.

I’m all about simple products. They are a Unilever brand that produce a range of skin care products. Ever since I tried their exfoliating wash and facial wash gel, I was literally hooked. I was like ‘this is where i’m parking please!’ Lol. I don’t think I’ve hyped any other brand like this before.

Lately, I noticed my skin was bumpy / rough. I had no pimples but I didn’t like how my skin looked. Coincidentally, I recently purchase the kind to skin soothing facial toner because it was on sale at Health plus at Marina.

The kind to skin soothing facial toner is said to contain vitamins (Pro-vitamin B5 & Pro-Vitamin B3), skin loving ingredients (Chamomile, Witch hazel, Allantoin) and no artificial perfume or color and no harsh chemicals so it won’t upset your skin. It’s dematologically tested and approved and It’s also 100% alcohol free.

To give a brief info about the main ingredient, Chamomile is antibacterial, anti-fungi, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. it is considered to be hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralize skin irritants. On the other hand, Allantoin helps to soften and protect while actively soothing skin. it also stimulates cell regeneration promoting healthier skin. It comes from an extract from the root of the comfrey plant and is a soothing non-irritating ingredient that heals skin and stimulates the growth of healthy tissues. it also works as an effective skin softener. Witch hazel is an astringent, toner, antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. It’s good for spot treating acne, soothing dry skin or itching.This toner is actually clear, has the consistency of water and smells like medicine although the smell isn’t overwhelming or disgusting. When I put it on my face, I don’t perceive anything but when I put the liquid to my nose, that’s when I can perceive anything. The only thing i don’t exactly like about it is the fact that i noticed my face has become oilier ever since I started using it. But does it work? It sure does. My face feels smoother, softer and less bumpy. It’s also healing my acne scars. Will I purchase again? I sure would. I would majorly because it is a toner and helps reduce my skin irritation. I’ve been using it for just 2 weeks.

You can purchase it at Health plus at Marina, Lagos for about 2,300 Naira. I however bought it at 2,090 naira because they just opened and are offering a 10% discount on all products purchased. I think it’s still on.

Any experiences using the brand simple? I’d love to hear it.



Ps: this is not a sponsored post. Opinions are solely mine. Post sponsored by any makeup or skin care brand will be communicated accordingly and I will give  my 100% honest opinion about it.

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