Here’s how to get bright, naturally glowing skin

Brighter, glowing skin never goes out of vogue actually and if you don’t have it naturally, you can work on your skin to get it. My skin isn’t perfect, and it’s not what I want it to be yet but I’m definitely getting there. Here are some of the things I’ve been doing and you can do to get you brighter, naturally glowing skin.

For your body.

1. Exfoliate regularly. I noticed that when I exfoliate two to three times a week, my dark spots fade more quickly, my skin becomes brighter as I shed dead skin in the process. I use the Eden Apricot face and body scrub and once in a while, the Ajali Raw Sugar Body polish Radiant Glow. I love both as they work together to give me a more even toned skin.

2. Turmeric, black soap and honey for the win! Black soap is magic on its own as it makes my skin glow. Turmeric is a natural skin brightener which helps to fade spots and discoloration. Honey gives your skin a supple and radiant look. Now include turmeric and honey to your black soap and you have an amazing product rolled into one. I love using the Fig brightening black soap with turmeric.

3. Eat more citrus fruits and paw-paw or just fall in love with smoothies. My cheat to eating Paw-Paw which I absolutely hate is blending them with a mixture of other fruits. Paw-paw is a natural skin lightener. In all honestly, I’m averse to putting paw-paw on my skin as some people do to brighten their skin. I’d rather eat mine and truth is, overtime it gives you the same result.

4. Use cocoa butter and body oils for your skin. I can tell you my skin glows thanks to cocoa butter. Ever since I discovered the magical powers of cocoa butter, I’ve not looked back. Cocoa butter is also a natural skin toner that gently evens out your skin tone making it more radiant. At the Moment, my favorite body butter is the Ajali Hair and Body Souffle Radiant Glow and I have a review on it.

5. Wear sunscreen regularly. See let me tell you, Lagos sun is so hot that even at 8AM, the sun can literally already fry your skin. Lol. Vitamin D is good and necessary for the body but don’t overly expose yourself to the sun unnecessarily especially when in the heat of the day. I use these sunscreens.Getting brighter glowing skin

6. Exercise often. Believe it or not, regular exercising helps to clear your skin from inside out and regulate oil production so you can only glow when you need to. Sweating is real good! Do it as often as you should so you could release those toxins and allow your body’s natural oil grease and moisturize your skin.

For your face

1. Please Exfoliate. It’s a rule of thumb guys. Whether face or body, your skin needs to get rid of dead layers of skin to reveal its glow beneath. If you experience acne, start with once a week and slowly increase till you feel your skin can handle it. I use the Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing facial scrub. It really does a fine job at smoothing out my skin.Simple Kind to Skin smoothing facial scrub

2. Use a toner! I recommend using toners that contains skin loving ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C, citric acid, aloe vera, witch hazel, rosewater, green tea, herbs, glycerin. I use this toner.

3. Stock up on Vitamin C serum: Serums are concentrates of a product so they deliver much more of an ingredient than a moisturizer would. You want brighter glowing skin, stock up on a vitamin c serum. I use the Radha Beauty Vitamin C serum when I feel my skin is in need of a boost of vitamin C goodness.

4. Facial oils. Facials oils can help to give you that healthy glow you’re after. The key is to use lighter oils mixed with essential oils that will help keep the acne on your acne prone skin at bay. In the colder months, it becomes safer to use your thicker oils because the chances of you sweating and your pores clogging is probably -2? I’ve started using the SheaMoisture 100% Pure Argan Oil (although not so regularly though) and I’m really happy with it. I also used the MAC Prep + Prime essential oils together with my 100% tea-tree oil to treat my acne and for that glow as well.So tell me, how do you achieve your glow?

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  1. Omo says:

    Hi, how do you use sunscreen and oils on your face? In what order do you use it?

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Hi Omo. I don’t use sunscreen and oils in the same routine. My sunscreen is always the last step in my AM routine while i keep my oils for the night tim. I never use oils during the day as I try to keep products in my routine more lightweight. I use oils at night and I use them just before my PM moisturizer step which is the last step in that routine. I hope this helps. xx

  2. Great tips! I’m always on the hunt for better skin; I love african black soap!xx

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Black soap is so good! There are brands that make black soap for acne including SheaMoisture. You should check them out. Thanks for stopping by girl 💕

  3. Adeoluwa says:

    This is a lovely review.ive used some of the products and I can attest to a brighter skin!Thank you for this!

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