Maybelline Fit Me, Matte + Poreless Foundation

I’ve been trying out new foundations. Partly to discover foundations I can wear, but also for you guys that are as oily as I am. It’s hot in this part of the world and having products that keeps you matte for most of the day is an oily girl’s fantasy. It’s our dream to be oily, wear foundation and not look like a grease ball through the day. So, I’d be doing this more often as I have a good number of foundations I own and others I hope to try.

On Monday, I bought the Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation – normal to oily skin.  It has been on my radar for a while now and I was happy to try. I got the shade 355 coconut and although it was a bit light, I was able to make it work. Then again, I bought it really to test out its “wearability” on oily skin.Maybelline Fit Me, Matte Poreless Foundation

Here are its claims…

– Mattifies and refines pore

– Matches natural tone

– Natural seamless finish

So, I primed my skin with the Becca Ever-matte Poreless Perfecting Primer and did the powder before foundation technique just like I do with my other foundations. I also used my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder over the foundation which is an oil control powder as well.

My Observations

1.| It immediately dries down to a matte finish which is awesome. If you don’t properly moisturize, it will appear very streaky on your skin

2.| It was very light weight. I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on skin. It really felt comfortable to wear and I really liked this too.

3.| The color match and coverage is awesome. Even though it was very close to my color but not exactly, It gave me a healthy glow. It made me look flawless, concealed my pores and covered all my blemishes.

4.| It has perfume in it which I don’t mind.

5.| It’s not transfer proof. After a good number if hours, i found that it would stain anything my face comes in contact with.

6.| It oxidizes (turns darker with wear)

7.| If you have dry skin, this foundation will make you look very, very patchy except of course, you moisture really well and use a hydrating spray afterwards.

Maybelline Fit Me, Matte + Poreless Foundation

My face after 2 hours of wear

At some point, the foundation was looking really patchy around my mouth area and It’s because I’m experiencing dryness there. I probably won’t go heavy on priming and setting around that area again. After roughly 7 to 8 hours of wear, my skin still looked very okay although, If I had touched up, my skin would have looked flawless again.

I really think it’s a very good budget foundation for oily skin and I definitely would get my correct shade and rock it. I got it from Medplus pharmacy at Ikeja city mall for N4,600.

Have you tried this foundation before?

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This Article Has 8 Comments
  1. WanShyGirl says:

    I finally made it to the blog after all the Instagram scrolling. The Maybelline Fit Me foundation has been highly recommended for oily skin and I’m hoping try it as well. Hopefully I find my true shade. Unrelated, What’s your skin undertone?
    I’m looking forward to other Foundation reviews ☺

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Thanks for making it here finally. My undertone is yellow or like some others know it, I have a warm Undertone. I’d definitely being doing more reviews for you. xx

      • WanShyGirl says:

        Oh great! We have the same undertone then. I asked because you said the Maybelline Foundation in Coconut was light for you. We have the same skin type and undertone and Coconut 355 has been recommended for me as well (A ton of shades have actually been recommended for me I’m just tired). I guess one has to go a shade darker right? When it oxidized did it blend in with your skin or…?
        Pls help me wouldn’t want to spend almost 5k on a bottle of foundation I’ll end up not using.
        Thanks for the prompt response.
        Looking forward to future reviews.

        • Ifeoluwa says:

          In between 355 and 360, which would probably be dark for you is shade like 356 and 358. You could explore either to see which would suit you better. Yes the foundation blends in nicely with your skin. I suggest you also watch YouTube videos which could help you determine your shade.

  2. debby000 says:

    I’m basically new to make-up(the whole package) so I’m glad to be here. Thanks for the review.

  3. good review,i actually have this foundation on my radar ,but i havent quite done my research on it.your review has me thinking if i should just go ahead and get it as i have an oily skin as well.i just might as i am due for a new foundation.thank you ife

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