My First Colourpop Purchases

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It’s almost Friday!!! Technically it’s Friday as the weekend starts tomorrow as tomorrow is public holiday.

Hope y’all are doing well.

Yes, I bring you all of the amazing Colourpop makeup products I recently purchased from the website last month. Guys, let me tell you, there’s no reason not to shop Colourpop as they are affordable, they deliver to Nigeria and shipping is fast too! I was impressed from my experience as I purchased my box of items on the 19th of October and the items landed in Lagos on the 25th of October! It took just a week to get here from the US! How impressive!! I’m sure you’re probably wondering why this haul wasn’t up earlier. Well, I didn’t check at the local post office until Monday as I was told and I actually thought they take a month to deliver. Little did I know that my package had arrived about 4 weeks back!My first colourpop haul

I spent $71 in total which purchased, 1 eyeshadow palette, 2 concealers, 1 brow pencil, 1 brow gel, 2 blushes and 4 Lippie stixs. I got free shipping as all international orders above $50 came with free shipping. I paid online with my Zenith Bank Naira Mastercard and I was debited at once.

Okay, so my goodies came in a box with my invoice, a lovely note, My colourpop haul

and a brochure of their products and how to use them.My colourpop haulMy colourpop haul

I went for The Hi-maintenance palette thanks to DimmaUmeh. Colour Pop Hi-Maintenance Palette

I really love the colors in this palette. Actually, that was what made me buy this palette in the first place.Colourpop Hi-Maintenance Palette

From left to right: Just in time, High Strung, Get out, Cute alert.

I also love the compact packaging and I feel like this type of 4-eyeshadow palettes are easy to travel with. Not to mention the eyeshadows are magnetic and can be removed so you could actually build your own set of shadows in the box if you want to travel light and you have a particular way you want to look. I hope to build a nude palette.Colourpop Hi-Maintenance Palette

I’ve never tried their eyeshadows before but I hear they are super creamy and pigmented and you know what, I’m dying to try out this claim out!!

I also got the Brow boss gel & Brow pencil. Colour pop haul

I honestly just wanted to test both out and see if I’ll like them as I’ve never used a brow gel before and I’ve stuck to my Davis pencil over the years. If you’re Nigerian I bet you know that pencil already! Colour pop makeupColourpop Brow pencilThe brow pencil has the pencil on one end and the spoolie on the other. I got the Brow pencil in black and brown. I believe it’s the darkest brow pencil they have.

I also got the widely talked about no filter concealers.

I’m an NW 48  in MAC (at least the last time I checked) so I got Rich Tan 65 & Deep golden 60. I believe Deep golden 60 is perfect for me but I wanted to see what Rich tan 65 would look like as a highlight shade as I’m not exactly a fan of bright under eye highlights. Also wanted to see what mixing both shades would look like to highlight my under eyes.And their pressed powder cheek blushes in parakeet and Glasses slipper.

I like that the blush palettes come with mirrors. Super cool! Parakeet is the lighter blush while glass slipper is the darker one.

Finally, 4 lippie stixs. I had never tried the lippie stixs before, just their liquid lipsticks and I am quite enthusiastic to try them out.

Colourpop lippie stixFrom left to right: Mirror Mirror, Chi chi, Scandy and Lumiere.

Coloupop Lippie stixAll of them are Matte except for Scandy which is satin.Colour pop Lippie stix - Swatches. Lumiere, Chi Chi, Mirror Mirror, Scandy

I honestly love the lipsticks because they smell like candy. They are quite pigmented too.

There is it guys! I’m actually most excited about the palette. I donno why but eyeshadow palette make me very giddy. 😂

Anyway, which would you like to try? Would you like me to do a Colourpop giveaway?

Let’s discuss in the comment section!



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  1. Demilade says:

    Everything looks so gorgeous. I love Colourpop’s packaging in general. I think I like the blushes the most, the colours look so good. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      I’m telling you. And they pull off being affordable too. I’m looking forward to sharing my second haul too. Thanks for stopping by again Demi. xxx

  2. Dee says:

    Nice review.i love the way the lipstick 💄 looks,looks handy and yes!!! have a give away😀😀

  3. Dee says:

    Quite nice,I love their lip sticks,looks very handy and yes I would like a color pop give away

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