Improving my grainy textured skin

Happy Wednesday guys! It’s mid-week already! 💃🏽

How are you guys doing? How has your skin been performing? Lately, I have been waking up with the driest skin ever. Coupled with that was pronounced textured skin. I naturally have textured grainy skin but seeing it more pronounced is making me more paranoid now. 😩

Meanwhile, It’s really interesting to see my oily, acne prone skin suddenly dry and flaky. Not to mention, I have to had to like use 4 different treatments to my skin before I go to bed all in the bid to improve it.

Mhen, the struggle for clear smooth skin is so real!! It’s not a joke 😫😂

Anyway, here are some of the things that have been doing that is helping my skin.

  • Using a hydrating facial cleanser & moisturizer: I find that using anything at all with a humectant (a substance, especially a skin lotion or a food additive, used to reduce the loss of moisture) like honey or Hyaluronic acid has helped to make my skin more supple, retain more moisture and smoothen out my skin.
  • Not skipping scrubbing: Your rational mind may be telling you at this point to not scrub your skin because it’s rough already but scrubbing will definitely help you smooth out your skin over time. Just remember not to scrub too often and too hard. You can start with scrubbing twice a week with a gentle moisturizing scrub. I use the Simple Kind to skin smoothing facial scrub. I especially love this scurb because it does a fine job at reducing white heads but doesn’t strip your skin as well.
  • Avoiding hot water: Hot water tends to dry out the skin making it more prone to irritation. So I have switched to using really warm / cool (not cold) water for my face.
  • Avoiding harsh & drying acne treatments for the time being:  I have been avoiding using my salicylic acid foaming cleanser for the time being as I know it can further irritate and dry my skin out. I have been avoiding using any acne treatment at all that can further irritate my skin. I just rely now on retinol and black soap (I use one with honey) to take care of my acne. I will definitely go back once my skin smoothens out again.
  • Applying moisturizer while my skin is still damp: When i do this, i notice my skin stays more hydrated and supple than when I dry my skin completely and then apply moisturizer afterwards.

My tips are not all encompassing or necessarily a quick fix but you will definitely see results over time as I have been seeing. There are other recommendations others will give but I feel i’m obliged to only share what has worked for me. For grainy textured skin, it’s adequate to note that hydration and minimization of irritation is definitely key for improving it.

Have you tried anything has helped minimize the appearance of your grainy skin? What are your thoughts? Please share!

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  1. Asaake says:

    You should consider face oils infused with oils that soothe and improve skin’s texture. There are so many of them but I think that’ll help.
    Great tips! I apply of all these in my skincare routine.

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Hi! 😊 Thanks for the tip. I would definitely try oils for smoother skin. Any recommendations of oils that won’t break me out? You know it’s really hot here and I’m quite careful when it comes to oils

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