Skin Updates + 3 Products I use for my Hyper-pigmentation

It’s been about 2 months since I wrote my last skincare update and I really enjoy giving you guys feedback about my skin. I feel my skin is okay generally and has thankfully undergone some major improvements. I’ve been trying out new products and new techniques and I’m happy with the results I’m getting.

About stress & hormonal acne…

I still suffer stress breakouts on my right jaw every now which leave the most annoying marks ever. Long and stressful days for me is usually followed with stress acne. And this definitely means more hyper-pigmentation to treat. I honestly wonder if i’ll ever be free. Lol. What I’ve also noticed is frequent exercising helps to calm and clear my skin faster. Interestingly, I read exercising decreases stress hormones like cortisol (which cause acne flare-ups), regulates hormones and increases endorphins. However, before I even went on to research the benefits of exercising for acne, I saw my flareups reduce as I worked out more and more.  You should know exercising benefits you when you have the proper skincare habits.

Skin Updates + 3 Products I use for my Hyper-pigmentation - Sheisnaturallybronze

Peep my jaw scars

Tackling Hyper Pigmentation…

The last post I did write, I was about to explore chemical exfoliation to help my acne scars situation. Since then, I’ve been using 3 products from the Ordinary Skincare range to fade out my scars.

Ordinary AHA 10% and BHA 2% Peeling solution - SheisnaturallybronzeThe Ordinary AHA 10% and BHA 2% Peeling solution has been so amazing to my skin and I can’t rave about it enough. Scars are slowly disappearing and my skin gets smoother and smoother. On my first trial of this solution, it stung so bad but I didn’t give up because I saw result afterwards. Well, It’s one of the odd of having sensitive skin I guess. What I’ve come to discover though is that you encounter less to no pain if you don’t use a AHA / BHA Product prior to using it.What i usually do is once I wake, I rinse my face only with water and use the solution.

 Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA - SheisnaturallybronzeNiacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - SheisnaturallybronzeI also use the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA and Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% in the day and at night. Both have really immensely made my skin look brighter. They are colorless in the jar and apply colorless on the skin. One thing I really don’t enjoy about using both is that on application they are a bit sticky. Asides that, I believe my scars have faded considerably. Because all 3 products from the Ordinary Skincare cause skin sensitivity, please use a Sunscreen to protect your skin.

Skin Updates + 3 Products I use for my Hyper-pigmentation - sheisnaturallybronze

My nose ring is fading out. Please Ignore my brows. They are a struggle. 

Speaking on skin dehydration…

It’s one more thing I worry about and I’m having a hard time trying to hydrate and not break out. The tendency is that if you actively treat your acne prone skin, you may suffer skin dehydration. I have been doing a bit of research and I’m looking to incorporate a hydrating gel mask and afacial mist to help. Speaking of facial mists, I tried using MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ as an alternative to hydrate, and although It’s not bad, I wanna try other hydrating mists. Lol. Anyway, I should purchase Mario Badescu’s Facial spray with Aloe, cucumber and Greet tea.

Meanwhile, I’m receiving some new products from The Beauty Frenzy Shop which I’m super eager to try and review. And yes, I have a discount code for you guys!!!!! You can purchase all your Beauty and Skincare products using the code Sheisnaturallybronze at check out!

How has your skin been fairing? What do you think about Korean Skincare? I really want to try it out.


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  1. helenevlacho says:

    I use a lot of The Ordinary products, I haven’t used the peeling solution yet. I have read mixed reviews, maybe with my next order I ll give it a try!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  2. RuthAnna says:

    When you ‘ use the Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA and Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% in the day and at night’, do you use one in the morning, one at night, or both during the day and night on the same day?? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

  3. Sadia says:

    Great post ! I have been thinking to order ordinary products and just checked in cultbeauty’s website where these are all out of stock. Now I am on their waiting list! can’t wait to use them 🙂 Please stay connected <3

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