My blush collection Ft BlackUp, MAC, Milani & Coastal Scents

After foundation, putting on a blush color is my favorite part of making up. Blushes just have a way of adding color and dimension to your face, making your cheeks pop and tying your whole makeup look together. Over time, I’ve been able to buy some blushes, some due to their popularity and others just by mere stumbling on them and I will be sharing in this post.

MAC Raizin (Matte) | Raizin is probably the most popular blush in the WOC community and you probably must know about it already. It was my second blush purchase because of all the hype around it and in all honesty, the moment I used it I instantly fell in love. MAC describes it as a “golden reddish-brown” blush and I don’t see the gold in it though. To me, it seems more of a neutral – nude pinkish brown blush. It’s that blush I use when I want to keep everything toned down but I still want to look elegant and put together. I would usually wear this when going for a nude look. It is also very perfect for everyday wear. You get about 6grammes of blush in the pan which in my opinion is not bad for a blush.

Milani Red vino – 09 (Shimmer) | Can you see the beautiful streaks of gold in it!? This blush is the only shimmer blush I own and I love it so much! Just looking at it is so satisfying! I also wrote about it here. It appears coral in that post but it’s actually deep pink. Milani describes it as  “berry red with gold shimmers”. I like this blush so much because it contours and also highlights my cheeks. It comes with a brush (in the picture) which in my opinion is quite pointless (because i’ll probably never use it) and has a mirror in the second compartment. It contains 3.5g of product and retails for between 3,500 to 4,000 naira.

Blackup – 06 (Matte) | This blush is definitely a must-have for any dark-skinned woman of color. It’s a very bright orange powder blush which looks so beautiful on the cheeks. In fact, bright / burnt orange perfectly mimics the natural flush of the cheeks for dark skin toned women which is why it’s so ideal for us.  I searched high and low for this blush color after I saw it on a few women my color. When I got to the blackup counter at Ikeja city mall and the Palms mall, It was sold out. It was even sold out on the Montaigne Place website. I was lucky to have found it at their counter at Maryland mall. The attendant told me that it goes out of stock so fast and I feel it’s because its so ideal for WOC. It contains 3.5g of product.

Coastal scents forever blush – Radiant (Matte) | It’s a bright red powder blush. Actually. it looks like a mix of a red and orange but more on the red side. It was the very first blush I picked up from one of the trade fairs in Lagos and picked it because it was quite cheap. I think it retailed for about 2,000naira then. It’s the biggest blush I own and it contains 10g of product. Quite a lot if you ask me.

Milani Bella Rosa – 11 (Matte) | A medium tone pink powder blush perfect for days you want a bright pop of color on your cheeks. This pink actually suites dark skin women well. I especially love to rock this when I have on a pink lipstick similar to it. It’s quite pigmented and should be used light handedly. It contains 3.5g of product.

Black|up – 12 (Matte) | Blush 12 is my most recent addition to my blush collection and I bought this blush because I loved the way it looked on my skin when I was made up at the Blackup counter yesterday at the mall in Lekki. It’s a beautiful burgundy / wine powder blush which suites women of darker skin tones and really does a great job at flattering my skin. The day I need to look all fierce and dramatic I will definitely reach for this. It contains 3.5g of product and I bought it for around 8,500naira.

MAC Sketch (Matte) | I have sort of reviewed this blush in my post here. I have seen darker women purchase this plum powder blush to use as a contour color although I’ve never got around to try it. I actually bought this blush because I thought it could serve as a blush and also an eye shadow. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone right?!

Black|up is currently running sales on their products and you can get as much as 20% off on your purchases. So, hurry guys!! I mean who doesn’t like a good sale?!

Meanwhile, have you tried any of these blushes? What are your favorite blushes to use?

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