5 Skincare products I use at night.

Hi Guys,

Happy mid week.😆

You see, my skin has been really behaved lately and I’ve haven’t used my 10% Benzoyl peroxide acne treatment for like… 3 to 4 months. I ran out and since then I haven’t been able to find it at any pharmacy. Thankfully my skin is doing good even without it.

On Monday night, I shared my minimal night time routine on my Instagram stories and this is usually the route I take when my skin is doing okay (Okay as in no seriously inflamed acne) and so I can focus on treating other skincare concerns like hyper-pigmentation or basically just getting that glow. if you didn’t get a chance to see what i use when my skin is typically feeling good, scroll down 😉

I went in with my Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash instead of my usual clinique anti-blemish cleansing foam as i just opted for something simple (Pun intended) and refreshing. I also noticed my skin was getting a bit dry so I just went milder with the cleansing.

Then, I used the Clarins Toning lotion for combination to oily skin. It’s the latest addition to my skincare routine and I use it day and night. Let me just drop this here and say, this product is amazing! Review should be up soon anyway. Next, my Oil treatment mixture. I saved my old tea tree bottle to mix my MAC prep + prime essential oils Yuzu and tea tree oil just to treat and moisturize my face. Then I spot treat with tea tree oil. I find this for me to be even more effective that spot treating with Benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil is somewhat harsh on the skin and can burn it so please use with caution. Then i finally moisturize with Murad Skin perfecting lotion. I use this at night only. Some people will say too many products but nah, not for me. Gotta be looking 25 when i’m 50.😜 Woke up to skin feeling amazing this morning.

Come say hi and be a friend on Instagram.x. How’s your routine like? What has been your most troublesome lately?

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