Going for my first facial | Oriki Lagos, The Spa.

Hey guys,

So last week, I decided to treat myself (well I honestly don’t know if it’s a treat) to a facial, as I was on leave from work. I was looking for a spa which was quite affordable and where I would get value for the money I paid. After much research and inquires, I decided to try Oriki Lagos.

Oriki is a luxury skincare brand  a range of skin care, body care and hair care products for both men and women, mostly for women though.

Immediately you enter, you’re greeted with a lovely ambiance which automatically relaxes you nerves and puts you at home.  I especially loved the sound of the running water on the first floor. Felt like all my worries were being washed away.

I went for the Oriki Purifying facial because I hadn’t done a facial before and I wanted to start with that. As the name connotes, it’s to purify your skin of all the gunk in it. It was a 60 minute session but the attendant told me she had to spend more that 60 minutes because, I had a lot of whiteheads. *cries*.

My face before I started. Lol

My skin was cleansed, exfoliated, toned, steamed and extraction of my white heads was also carried out. Afterwards, a mask was used as well and my pores were closed.

The extraction was the most painful thing I had experienced in a while. When they tell you beauty is pain, I experienced the saying first hand and my face was sore for 2 days. The interesting thing also is that afterwards, I saw the difference in my skin. A day later my skin was so smooth, soft and you could tell there was a huge difference. Oil production reduced and even when i did get oily, there was an obvious glow to it. I just personally feel that with that kind of pain, they should have give some form of anesthetic. Lol.

My face afterwards

I felt sore but I was happy.

Will I be back next month, definitely. I loved my face afterwards and i’m hoping the next time I go back, I will not have so much to extract since I now scrub my face thrice a week.


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