Back to basics! Building an AM routine for your skin.

For the longest time I though every one was like me and had a hang of this skin care thing. This was until I started getting requests from quite a number of people asking me to help them build a routine. So i’m writing this so as you can use this as a guide for your skin. Let’s go back to basics and let me help you in building an AM routine first.

Building an AM routine

Your AM routine should be as minimal as possible with your basic and most essential products used especially if you’re oily and acne prone. You really want to stay away from anything that will sensitize your skin to the sun or make it burn. Your routine should be majorly centered around the following;

  • hydrating.
  • treating (acne or any other skin condition if need be).
  • protecting (with antioxidants & sunscreen).

So let’s get into it.

1.| Cleanse; Use a cleanser that suits your skin’s condition at any particular point in time. If you’re breaking out use a Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide cleanser that has purifying /clarifying ingredient and that would help treat your breakouts. Cream / moisturizing cleansers with ceramides, lactic acid, shea/cocoa butter which helps to retain your skin’s moisture works for dry skin. If you’re sensitive (but not acne prone), try using a balm type cleanser to cleanse your skin. Also cleansers that do not contain Sodium Laureth/Lauryl sulfates which causes irritations and which contain Allantoin which soothe the skin should be your pick. There are a number of cleansers out there without sulfates and cutting them out of your routine will do your skin so much good.

2.| Tone: I recommend this step especially if you’re acne prone, oily or/and dehydrated. There’s the tendency that if you’re acne prone, you skin may be also dehydrated because the majority of acne fighting ingredients are somewhat drying. So reach for toners that are lightweight, non-oily and yet hydrating. A very good one is the Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner. Treatment toners also exist for those who are acne prone so if you’re breaking out or your skin would just prefer to have a more targeted toner, try a treatment toner. A good one for acne prone skin is the Thayers witch hazel toner. This toner decongest the skin, calms inflammation while treating your acne and hydrating your skin. If you’re dry or combination, using a toner may not be necessary since cleansers for your type of skin already hydrate the skin. Just make sure your skin doesn’t dry up before moving on to your next step because then your serums and moisturize becomes harder to absorb into your skin. Products absorb better when the skin is damp.

3.| Antioxidants; Antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals during they day and although you can get them in other product categories, you can also incorporate them into your AM routine by using serums. I typically use either a niacinamide serum or Vitamin C serum which are both antioxidant serums. Bonus is that niacinamide helps to control oil so is good for oily skin and Vitamin C helps to fade pigment with continued usage. Other serums you can consider adding to your routine depending on your skin needs are Vitamin E serum which is an antioxidant as well, Hyaluronic acid serum which helps to hydrate skin through the day. Just know that an antioxidant serum is better for your skin in the day time.

4.| Treat: I’ll rather you leave your treatments to night time but if you’re breaking out and you need to put your skin under control, you can spot treat those areas. They come in different forms like a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide spot treatment gel but essential oils are also great for that purpose as they help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin. Just make sure to dilute them as they can burn the skin.

5.| Moisturize: This is basic and essential for every skin type. Moisturizers again should be according to your skin type just as cleansers. Lotions and gel type moisturizers are light weight, absorb quickly into the skin and do not leave you oily so are ideal for oily skin. Whipped or soft creams / butters are for good for dry skin and normal / combination skin can benefit from either lotions or creams.

6.| Sunscreen: Sunscreens basically protect our skin from the harmful and aging effects of the sun. A broad spectrum SPF (UVA & UVB) over 30 is the most ideal. I love SPF 50 for some reason. If you’re oily, look for one that will not leave you greasy or shiny. If you’re dry, look for a moisturizing sunscreen. Normal skin can use either matte or moisturizing sunscreens. A good moisturizing sunscreen is the ACM Depi White Sun protection skincare with SPF 50+, while a good matte light weight sunscreen is the Klairs Soft Airy UV essence 50 PA++++. Both do not leave a white cast and you can be sure your skin is protected through the day.

And that’s it guys… I hope this helps.

You can ask me questions on the products i use or would recommend and I’d be glad too reply you. I will do a night time soon!

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  1. Ifeoluwa says:

    Hi namesake, please thanks for the write up. I use ACV mixed with water as a toner, is it a good idea? PS: My skin is between sensitive and normal.

    • Ifeoluwa says:

      Heyyy! It’s best to get a proper toner. I. Fact i’d recommend that. ACV can destroy your skin’s protective barrier over time making it vulnerable to more skin issues so please get a good toner. Thanks for stopping by ♥️. xoxo

  2. Funmi says:

    This really helps !

  3. Afroliciouz says:

    Great write up , thank you. For some strange reason I skip my toner while doing my morning routine and I have very oily skin , now that I know better I’ll definitely bring it back … would definitely try the klairs sunscreen too

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