Kaeme! A Luxury Natural Personal Care Brand from Ghana*

Guys, black soap and shea butter for my body has always been my thing and when Kaeme, a natural luxury personal care brand from Ghana reached out to me to try some of their products, I thought, why not. Lol

Kaeme is an indigenous Ghanaian cosmetic company specializing in premium quality shea butter and liquid black soap. Their products are handmade from raw, unrefined shea butter and authentic black soap sourced from a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana. They also use a selection of pure carrier and essential oils to create
distinct product ranges which are free from preservatives, additives or dyes.

Kaeme Luxury Personal Care brand

Their shea butter and liquid black soap come in an array of scents and they also offer unscented products (for sensitive skin or as a fragrance-free alternative.) They sent me their body butter and black soap in the scent Eterna & their shea butter in the scent, Urbane. They came in a beautiful red box with a bit of the brand on one side. A1 for packaging!!!

Kaeme Eternal Black Soap Body Wash.

Kaeme Eternal Black Soap Body Wash

This is a liquid, deep brown body wash that has a fruity, fun, playful smell. They have different sizes of this wash but I was gifted the travel size which contains 113g of product. When I first used it, I notice that it didn’t lather as much which for me felt like both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that I suspected ( and confirmed) it didn’t have sulfates in them. The bad thing is that to get it to really lather you may use quite a lot in the shower. Honestly, I don’t mind that it doesn’t lather as much especially as it doesn’t contain sulfates. You may ask what I have against sulfates right? They irritate and dehydrate the skin, damaging your skin’s protective barrier but because they are excellent foaming agents, brands use them to lather up their products. I spoke to the brand about it and they mentioned they would reformulate it to lather more so that’s that!

Kaeme Eternal Black Soap Body Wash

One thing I do wish also though is that it is more hydrating to really balance out the moisturizing properties of the body butters. Yes, we need those humectants also in our body care products. It’s not drying, but having it a bit more hydration will really help complement their jars of butter.

Kaeme Eternal & Urbane Shea Butter Body Cream

Kaeme Eternal & Urbane Shea Butter Body CreamThe Kaeme Shea butter body creams are whipped moisturizing body butters. Not so much for adding moisture to your skin but helping to seal in and retain moisture in the skin. Just like the Eternal body wash, their shea butter also has a fruity, playful smell while Urbane smells more mature. If I was to describe Urbane as a person, I’d say deep or mysterious. Lol. Kaeme describes Urbane as Light. Musky & Mahogany. I was also gifted both of them in their travel size versions of 113g. Oh, the black packaging is cute and aesthetically pleasing to me.

Kaeme Eternal & Urbane Shea Butter Body Cream

These really screams luxury in the true sense of the word. Firstly for how they both smell, and then they linger all day!  Like you legit feel so luxurious in these. My boyfriend even noticed and commented on how nice I smell when I started using them. Second, they feel soft and buttery and coat your skin very nicely, giving a beautiful glowy sheen to your skin. They also make my skin feel soft. My body works really well with butters and oils and I notice they help to even out my skin tone. If you aren’t sensitive or allergic to fragrance, these 2 smell really good. Meanwhile, they have other scents you may enjoy but I absolutely love these two. In fact, I’m torn between which I love better. The shea butter can be used both on body and hair which is really nice to know!!

Kaeme Eternal & Urbane Shea Butter Body Cream

Because its a butter which contains 100% oils, I recommend using it when the skin is moist, just after wiping the water off your skin to help seal in moisture. If you delay, you may just be sealing in dryness. Lol

Their 113g butters retail for 13,99USD (N5,000) while their black soap in the same size retails for 8.99USD (N3,200) a piece and can be purchased from https://www.kaeme.com/

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